The Most Accurate Keyword Rank Tracker Out There?

Welcome to our Wincher review.

Your search engine ranking has a direct impact on your business. They drive traffic and they generate sales.

Therefore, when the rankings fluctuate or fall – this is all you need to know. That’s why you need an accurate rank tracking tool.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at wincher – A very popular rank tracking tool that prides itself on its ability to provide accurate rank checks.

By the end of this review, you will be able to find out whether this tool is right for your needs.

let’s get started:

What is Wincher?

wincher homepage

Wincher is a professional keyword rank tracking tool that is packed with features to help you monitor your performance on search results.

In addition to the functionality for checking positions online, the tool also includes the following:

More importantly, Wincher positions himself as NS Most accurate among user friendly rank trackers.

How to use Wincher?

Before we begin, come on. Set up your free trial account by going to wincher. It does not require your CC details; You should just verify your email.

Start your free trial with Wincher

After creating your account, you can add the websites you want to monitor, choose the device (mobile or desktop) and the country where you want to monitor the website’s search rankings.

If you are looking for a more geo-specific tracking solution then Wincher allows you to track your position in certain regions and cities as well.

To add your keywords to the rank tracker, Wincher offers a few options:

  • Type keywords manually or get suggestions from Wincher.
  • Import from Google Search Console or CSV file.
  • Import keywords from another website that you already track with Wincher.
  • Find relevant keywords through keyword research tools.

Choose the best option for you and click on “Add Keyword” and – saw! You will get daily rank tracking updates without any effort on your part.

Daily Rank Tracking Updates

To help you organize how the data is presented, you can create keyword groups for similar or related words. Doing this allows you to segregate keywords according to the topic or page they are ranking for on Google.


As of now, Wincher looks just like any other keyword ranking tool on the market. But, of course, the devil is in the details – you can’t judge something by just looking at it for a few seconds!

Thus, let’s take a deeper look at what Wincher does and how “accurate” it is as a keyword ranking tool.

Local Rank Tracking

If you run a local business, monitoring positions in the SERP in a specific area is a must. Wincher allows you to track and grow your performance in over 10k locations in 180 countries. This is more than enough for small business owners and bloggers for now.

On-demand data update

Wincher updates all data every 24 hours without any exclusions. But Google SERPs can change very quickly. Sometimes all you need is the most recent ranking position in order to respond as quickly as possible. Wincher allows you to update positions manually.

For example, you have updated a blog post or a particular page on your site within the day and want to see if it increases its position for a particular keyword. Wincher allows you to do this anywhere and at any time!

Competitive tracking and automated alerts

Wincher Competitors Facility

Wincher’s Competitors feature allows you to monitor the performance of your competitors for the same keywords you are ranking for. It also shows the average position of your competitors’ keywords and their traffic based on search volume.

From here, you can get insights about your competitors and if you can’t outdo them, what you should do to beat them!

For example, should you build links on some of your pages to rank higher than your competitors, or should you create content targeting new keywords instead? The answer to these questions depends on what data Wincher collects for you!

keyword research tool

Apart from being a keyword rank tracker, it also has keyword research features to help you target search terms to optimize your site based on various factors.

But before we get into its keyword research tool, let me make it clear that Wincher is, first and foremost, a keyword tracking tool. It is unfair to compare Wincher with other tools like SEMrush that offer more comprehensive features that help you with your SEO efforts.

But their native tool allows you to find relevant keywords and get practical tips.

For example, typing in your seed word on the Related Keywords tab will reveal the words you’re not ranking for and consider creating new content or re-optimizing for existing content.

I consider this an added free bonus to the main rank tracker. Some suggested keywords are surprising because you may not have thought that your website is ranking for them.

User Permissions

Many SEO tools require additional costs for multiple users on your account. Thankfully, Wincher offers the multiple user feature as part of any plan you choose.

From here, you can create individual projects and assign specific permissions to new users. For example, you can assign a new user to a specific task and let him or her manage all the websites.

There is also an external user facility. Unlike multiple users, this interesting feature allows you to put restrictions on certain users to view other projects.

This is useful when you run an agency and have many different clients, so it’s only available in the Enterprise plan.

On-Page SEO Tools

Wincher On-Page SEO Tool

In addition to keyword research tools, Wincher’s On-Page SEO Checker helps you see how well your webpage is optimized for a specific keyword. Wincher gives you a score and shares a comprehensive list of tips on fixing issues and ranking higher.

This is a great way to help you optimize your content for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Now you don’t need to guess why they are not ranking higher on SERPs!

wordpress plugin

If you are running a WordPress site, you can download its WordPress plugin. Monitor up to 10 keywords and get related keywords so they can rank and track even with the free version.

However, a paid subscription lets you track unlimited keywords and up to 5 years of ranking history (instead of 7 days for free users).

Lastly, all the data is presented in a neat keyword table to help you more effectively monitor your search engine rankings from your WordPress dashboard.

Wincher Pricing

Wincher offers a plan-based pricing model including three plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

The plans are very flexible, so you can choose the right one based on the number and functionality of keywords you want to track.

Plans start at 29€/month (about $35) for 500 keywords and monitoring ten websites.

Wincher Pricing Plans

You can see all the details about the features of each plan Here.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • impressive data accuracy – Wincher does its job well – Provides the most up-to-date rank tracking data. You can get daily updates and manually refresh the status of added keywords. That’s how all rank trackers should work.
  • Simplicity – While many tools have such a complex UX, Wincher impresses with its simplicity. Their design is clear, and even a novice can be a pro using this tool.
  • flexible pricing model – I like that you can change your preferences based on the number of keywords you need to track. And their cheapest plan allows you to track 500 keywords per day – this is more than enough for small business owners and bloggers. do you need more? Try the business plan and go back to the previous option if it works better for you. Everything is up to you.


  • A Simple Keyword Research Tool – Wincher’s keyword suggestions, search volume and other metrics are available for all keywords you search. But it doesn’t have the Keyword Difficulty Score that can help users develop a more robust keyword strategy. We mentioned that Wincher is meant to track keyword rankings, so it may be too much to expect the tool to do more than track keywords. Still, it will take time for people to find new keywords to monitor using this tool.

Winner: Verdict

Tracking keywords has never been easier with Wincher.

Unlike other rank trackers, it has a clear idea about its target audience and delivers stuff and then some. From its precise scheduled or on-demand rank tracking to its on-page SEO tools, you can’t go wrong with Wincher for this purpose.

But right now Wincher is just that: a keyword tracker.

To be fair, Wincher can be argued to be the best rank tracker because of the key features mentioned above. However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated SEO tool with all the features to help you launch a full-scale SEO strategy for your online business, Wincher is not for you.

Even its keyword research tool may not suffice as an additional tool to complement its keyword tracking capabilities.

I firmly believe that Wincher is a step or two away from becoming a more indispensable tool for monitoring your SEO rankings on other search engines. As it stands, it is an excellent option for tracking your Google rankings and helping you assess the SEO performance of your websites.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.

wincher review

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