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What is a Console Table

Search Console Table
Search Console Table

What is a Console Table Google Search Console is a data table for a website. We get all the information of a website through Google Search Console. Such as the speed of the website on mobile and desktop. Highlight all the CSS and HTML errors in the website. Also, provide information about the size of the image and the file. Detailed information about the various pages and posts in the website such as the position of a post or article i.e. how much space it has in Google.

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Also, show how many impressions and clicks have been read on the post. Also, if there is any kind of error in the website or if the website is not opening properly on mobile, or there is an error in the sitemap, or the image is not opening, that is, if any kind of technical error can be identified by Google Boots.

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Hello guys! Welcome back to my new article. In this article, I will discuss What is a Console Table. What is the importance of the google search console and how to work it? Next article I will discuss how to connect a website with a google search console. Guys, this Saddam Hossain, and I’m a blogger, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and Trainer. Also, I’m the Founder of Pro Blogging SEO. If you interested to learn advanced level blogging then join me. Because here I always published this type of article. So Google works as a mirror for search websites. In which the website arrow is reflected. It is also possible to sort the website.

How to work it

When Google crawls a website, it checks all its contents i.e. the HTML, CSS, java, etc. files in the website. After checking these files, Google shows its report in Google Search Console. That’s why counts all the photos in the article i.e. images, internal links, external links, keywords, backlinks, referring domains, referring pages, etc. Google ranks blog posts or articles based on all these things.

Google Search Console acts as an auditor. It also brings you to the Google search page depending on the health of the website. So Google Search Console is a very important website for websites. You can also use Google Search Console to find out if your website or blog post has been indexed by the Google search engine. Which is a must for a website. It immediately shows a notification. And you can fix the technical errors by looking at the website arrow.

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Only with Google Search Console can you get details about the website completely free of cost. This is possible only when you associate your website with Google Search Console. If you cannot associate your website with Google Search Console, then it is impossible for Search Console to collect data from the website. To connect the search console to the website properly and verify your domain name in the search console, then your website will be able to monitor the search console and provide you with accurate and precise information. Which is very important for a blogger to Google his website.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! My sole purpose is to assist you with the right information. My efforts will be fruitful if you get a little benefit from my information. At the end of the day, my only request is if the article is of any use to you, then share it with your friends so that it is also useful. Thanks again for the new article.

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