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No Content Issue

No Cotent Issue

No Content Issue-When Google bots or Google search engine does not find sufficient articles on your blog website, then Google search engine informs the owner of the blog website by email that we cannot display Google ads on your website because your website does not have enough articles. You publish sufficient articles and re-apply for ads. Seeing this may make your head spin and many people withdraw from their blogging careers. But I say dude be a little patient. This is not a big problem. You can easily solve this and establish yourself in a blogging career.

Hi friends Welcome back to my another most valuable article about no content on your website. My name is Saddam Hossain and I’m founder of Pro Blogging SEO. Guys! if you want to learn how to became professional blogger then connected with us with your email. I will reach to your email inbox with a new and innovative idea. Ok, Let’s move on the main topics-

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Why Google email Us Low Content on your website

When you publish your website article, you may have kept the length of the article between 500-600 and the number of particles less than 30. That’s why Google has declared your site a low content site. But there is no reason to fear. There is no solution to all the problems.

How to overcome it: First you need to increase the length of your article and also increase the number of articles. You need to write 20 articles of a minimum of 1000 words and more and you have to apply for AdSense and publish one article every day. Until the Google Adsense account is successful. Then Google will easily display your website ads and your earning will start.

If you do not complete these tasks and apply again and again, Google will repeatedly deny your AdSense account. Following Google’s rules, Google will never display ads on your website.

How to write AdSense Friendly Content

Content Is King
Content Is King

If you want to write AdSense friendly content, you must first follow the guidelines of Google AdSense. Google has made a variety of guidelines for its users, such as you have to write an article of minimum 300 words and give the number of keywords as 1.5%. With that, you have to place the keywords well. For example, Art should be given in the second heading in the title and in the second paragraph in the first paragraph and in the conclusion at the end. Also now that the competition has increased a lot so if you are writing an article of 300 words then you have to increase the number of articles. You need to publish a minimum of 40-50 articles. After that you can apply for Google Adsense. Otherwise Google will reject you.


The importance of the article on the website is immense. Because you can highlight your valuable information through articles. So make the article a meaningful one. So that your users can easily use the information provided by you. Because it is not permissible to call an article an ideal article if you cannot provide complete information. Thank you my dear friend for staying with me for so long. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! My efforts will be successful only if you get the slightest benefit from the information given by me. My purpose is to help you with the right information.

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