Needs Improvement to Your Website-Why?

Why Needs Improvement to Post, Article, and Privacy Policy

Needs Improvement Ranking factor is a variable method according to the policy of Google’s algorithm. So according to this rule of Google, articles, privacy policy, SEO, etc. things start to change. According to the ranking factor policy, the articles or blog posts that will be the most information will be brought to the first page by Google. So tracking Google’s algorithm is a very difficult task and it doesn’t work the same way on its own. This tends to change over time.

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So if you want to rank your blog post on the front page of Google, then you also need to improve the articles, privacy policy, and SEO factor in your website according to Google rules. No one can remove you from Google’s top page if you understand Google’s algorithm policy.

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How to Improved an Article and Privacy Policy

When Google updates its core, it gives a notification to Google Search Console. By looking at that you will understand what you need to change in your article. And what changes need to be made to your privacy policy. Also what to change in the SEO of your website. What you need to do to change your website design. And you can understand what steps you need to take according to Google’s rules. Privacy policies change over time.

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Because fluctuations in the market continue to increase or decrease. For example, the amount that Google allocates to you for Ads may increase or decrease. Sometimes taxes can be increased or decreased according to the rules of the government. All this information is updated by Google. So needs improvement. And if you don’t change your website over time. Then Google will never rank your website.

When Get The Notification from the Google

There is no exact timeline when Google will update its notifications. But Google may update it according to its own rules and overtime. There is no set time for this. And that way we can’t be ready. However, Google will give the updates of Search Console. So if you do the notifications of Google Search Console, you will definitely get these updates. Because you must pay attention to it. When Google comes up with an update, it is very important to comply. Because we work under Google. So we must abide by Google’s rules and regulations. Then our website will rank on the first page of Google.


Needs improvement is very necessary because if you do not make improvements, your website will go backwards. Never be able to rank Google’s front page. So with Google’s core update, your website will change a little bit. Only then will your problem be solved. This is a good thing if you want to make blogging a career, but if you want something, you can’t get it in one day. You have to be patient. Only then will success come.

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