Make A Face with Blogging Issue

Make A Face With Blogging Issue

make a face
Blogging Issue

Make A Face with The problems that come with creating a blogging website are basically WordPress themes, plugins, website domain-hosting, website speed, low content issues, and many more. But there is no fear, everything must be solved. But you must be patient. Creating a blogging website requires a lot of hard work. Because every aspect of the website has to be created perfectly. Website design is a very important issue. So when you create a website, keep in mind that it must be SEO friendly.

Otherwise, Google will penalize or blacklist your site. Of course, keep in mind that your website is not a mistake. Contact pages, privacy policies, about us pages, home pages, and blog pages. Because this is one of the biggest problems with Google rank. High-speed websites are indexed very quickly by Google crawlers. A slow website creates a very bad image in the eyes of Google.

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Hi, friends welcome to my new episode. In this Make A Face article, I have discussed how you can Make A Face the problems of blogging. The problems that come with blogging are very important and if you don’t complete them, you will never get the first page of Google. So you have to solve these problems very carefully. Friends I am Saddam Hussein and the founder of Pro Blogging SEO. I would request you to register my blog website if you need such articles. Then I will appear in your e-mail box with a completely new idea of ​​mine. So let’s get started without delay.

What Kind of Issue

The problems that come with blogging websites are the speed of the website, content issues, policy violations, contact pages, privacy policy, SEO and friendly websites, etc. In fact, Google usually penalizes the website. Or leave the website far behind. From where it is very difficult to rank on the front page of Google. So make the website SEO friendly. Publish enough articles on the website and use good quality themes. Also use a premium theme if you have a little more budget.

Never use free tools, themes, plugins. This is because the use of very valuable free tools, themes, plugins reduces the speed of the website and Google does not like the website. So try to make a lightweight site and also do not copy the articles from any website. Present yourself in front of everyone through Google.

How to Solve it

You do not need to do anything special to solve the above problems. Only you should refrain from using free materials. Because free materials are only used as samples. These are not suitable for professional work. So if you are really worried about your career then you have to make an investment. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people Make A Face.

Also, you need to get rid of the clutter you don’t need. To build a website you basically need hosting, a domain, a theme, a theme block, and a plugin. This is for a blogger’s blogging website. Also, when you become an expert in blogging, make your website bigger. Do not request before. Then you will become proficient in your blogging career very soon.


After all, I would say that if you want to make blogging your career, don’t waste time. This blogging website requires a little investment. Just like in hosting, you only need to invest in the domain. You can start your blogging career with this small investment you have to Make A Face the little problem.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself with this Make A Face article! Our purpose is to give you the right information to encourage you and try to solve your problem. My efforts will be fruitful if you get the slightest benefit from getting my information. See you next time with a new piece of information. If you have any questions on any topic, you can comment on me. I will answer your question as soon as possible.

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