How to Make Fast and Free Website

How to Make A Fast Website

How to Make A Fast and Free Website
How to Make A Fast and Free Website

How to Make a Fast and high-speed website? It means how fast your website opens on mobile and desktop. Indicates how fast your article posts open. Indicates how quickly the various images and videos on your website open. The sooner your website opens, the more prominent it will be in terms of Google ranking. Because the open speed of the website has a great impact on the user’s brain. The sooner the website is opened, the more important the user will give to that website. So creating a fast website is very important. Not only this, building a high-speed website using free resources has become a big challenge in this age of competition. But there is nothing impossible, everything is possible. And the one who can make the impossible possible is called a magician.

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Hello Guys! Welcome back to my new article on how to make a fast website. I think you are in the right place because this is the answer to your question. My name is Saddam Hossain and I’m the founder of Pro Blogging SEO. If you want to get this type of article you can register here and I will reach to your email box with a new and innovative and premium idea. Ok, Let’s go-ahead to the main topic of how to make a fast website-

What are the free resources?

WordPress Free Theme, Plugin, and Tools
WordPress Free Theme, Plugin, and Tools

Creating a WordPress website basically requires four things like theme, plugin, domain, hosting. But some of these free and premium versions are available in the market. But you can never increase the speed of your website if you use them without understanding the free resources. So you have to see and hear. One thing to keep in mind is that nothing is available for free.

But my topic is how to make a fast website with free resources. OK then let’s get started. You must first use Kadence’s theme install your WordPress and Yoast Plugin use for SEO. You can also create a free and fast website using Cadence Block. But you have to spend money on domain and hosting. Also do not use any other plugins.

How to Make it Yourself

You must first purchase a domain name and then connect to a hosting server. How to make a fast website is the primary job. Try to have good hosting. Because the speed of 50% or more depends on the hosting. So try to have good hosting. After associating the domain with the hosting, the hosting will give you the option of downloading WordPress and also provide some free themes. But you have to go to Theme Options and search in Kadence. When you come to Kadence, you have to install and activate it.

Go to Plugin Options and download and install the Yoast plugin as well as Kadence Block and Kadence Email Designer. Here’s your job is done. Now you need to create a home page. As you like Cadence has everything in the block. Features like social sharing, table of content, email forms, etc. can be found here. Just through a plugin.


How to make a fast website? Your website needs to be open fast in order to rank on Google in the storyline. The faster your website is, the faster it will be in Google ranking. Now Google has blacklisted the Slow website. To build a fast-paced website and bring your website to the front page of Google. If Google’s front page ranks your website, Google will send a lot of traffic to your site. And traffic means money. To create a fast website and how to make a fast website income with the blog.
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Our goal is to benefit you with the right advice. If you have the slightest benefit from getting our information, then our work will be successful.

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