How to Get on a Customized URL of WordPress Article

How to Get on a Customized URL

Get on For custom URLs, you can go to WordPress’s Settings option and click on an option called Permalink. If you click on the permalink, you will see the post name option. There you have to select the postname and save the change, then when you publish a blog, the URL for your post will be created automatically. But there is no such option for bloggers. If you go to the link option in Blogger, you will see the permalink, but you will not see the option to customize it there. But when you write the title for your post, the URL will be created automatically.

Get on Custom URL
Get on Custom URL

URL is the address of an article. By which you can visit that article. But if there is a mistake in this URL, neither the user nor the Google search engine will be able to visit your article. So URL is a very important chapter for an article and both. You can also validate the URL using the Permalink Change Rule if you Get on any changes to the title of your article. The reason is that without a valid URL, neither the user nor the search engine will be able to visit your article. So you have to do this by going to settings while creating the website. This means you don’t have to do it all at once. Once set, it automatically generates the URL in its entirety.

Hello Guys! Welcome back to my new article How to get on Custom URL. Today I will discuss What is the importance of getting on a Custom URL and how to create them. So, this is Saddam Hossain and I’m a Blogger, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and Trainer. Also, I am the Founder of Pro Blogging SEO.

What is Custom URL

Custom URL

Custom URL Get on is when you create a URL as you wish. Then it is called a custom URL. If you want to create a custom URL, first you have to design or create the site. Then you have to create a custom URL. Because if you don’t do this, the URL of your post will be created with the default setting in WordPress or the URL that we set the postname. After the URL is created, if it is indexed in the Google search engine. But if you change the URL again, you will have to index the article again. Which is a time-dependent matter. So before you publish the article, you need to set the permalink of your website properly. So that you do not fall into any difficulty later.

Importance of Custom URL

If you want your article to be indexed in Google search engine very quickly, you need to create a custom URL. Also, if you want to get Google AdSense approval soon, the importance of custom URLs is immense. Because custom URLs help Google search engines quickly figure out which niche your article is written on. So Google easily puts your article in that category. At the same time, Google indexes it very quickly and also gives AdSense approval. Hence the importance of a custom URL. Which is a mistake most bloggers make. So there is no time for index and adsense approval. Or Google does not give AdSense approval. You can auto-create it if you want. For this you need to go to the permalink option and go to the custom URL. Also click on the category tag and postname tag. Save and change at the end of your work.

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