How to Delete a Page in Word on a Search Console

How to Delete a Page in Word on Google

How to delete a page or post on Google Search Engine
How to delete a page or post on Google Search Engine

All you have to do to delete an unnecessary page or post on your website from Google is to delete or remove the URL of that page or the URL of that post from Google Search Console. How to Delete a Page in Word on Google Search? Then the post or page of your website will delete from Google. Otherwise, if you delete only that page on your website. But that URL is not deleting from Google’s index. The next time it is seen as a deadlink to Google

Which can cause the same problem in your case. For example, if you write the next article on top of that keyword, Google will automatically show that you have already written an article on that keyword. So you have to delete your website or post from Google. You need to delete the URL of that page or post from Google Search Console. So let’s see how we can delete the URL of that post from Google search.

Welcome friends to another new article of mine. Today I will discuss how to remove your unnecessary articles from Google. I will discuss how this can be done. Before that let me give you a little introduction. I am Saddam Hossain and I am a blogger, digital marketer, marketer in Affiliate, and a trainer. If you want to learn to blog, subscribe to my website. Because I always publish such articles. Let’s go to start the main discussion so that how to Delete a Page in Word on Google.

How to remove a page or post on Google Search Console

So how to Delete a Page in Word on Google. First, you need to login to Google Search Console. With the email ID that you used to link your website to the Google Search Console. Then you can see there is an option that is Removal. Click here to see three more options. The first is temporary removals, the second is outdated content and the third is SafeSearch filtering. If you want to temporarily block your post, you can see the New Request option below. Clicking there will open a new search bar. There is an enter URL option. Paste the URL of your page or post and click on the next bottom. If you submit a request, your URL will start to be removed. With that, you will start to see the removal processing. It will continue to look complete when it is complete.

How to Set Up Google Search Console to Website

How to Delete a Page in Word on an Index. You can also remove your outdated content if you wish. Now do not rank like that in Google or traffic but before those posts used to rank well. So many people update those posts by changing the title and republishing it to create a new URL. And the old URL remains in Google search. But since those URLs are not on the website, they become deadlinks. Which does not perform very well for the website they are removed.

Why it is Necessary to Remove the Post or Page

How to Delete a Page in Word on Search console. or If you want to hold a blog post for a while or do not want to index a page then you must use this method. Otherwise, your page or post will be automatically indexed by Google. So using this method, pages or posts that are removed for a while do not require. To prevent those pages or posts from being indexed, the URLs of the posts have to be removed temporarily. It is also important to remove unwanted URLs from your website as this is very important for Google rankings. If your site is not clean, then the speed of the site will be reduced a lot. Google will create problems somewhere to rank your website. So it is very necessary to remove them.


I hope the how to Delete a Page in Word article has made you happy. My only purpose is to encourage you with the right advice. If you find my information to be of little use to you, I would consider myself blessed, and my only effort is to help you become a successful blogger. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you.

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