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What is the Contact Me Page

Contact Me and Impact on ranking
Contact Me and Impact on ranking

A contact page is a communication form. Which contains the communication address of the author of the website. Such as email ID, website link, Facebook link, Twitter link, Instagram link, etc. This page also contains a message form through which the user can record any problem or their application or any of their questions or inquiries in this form. And you can apply it to the website author. So this is a very important issue in the case of websites.

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Because if any of the other articles you have written have user’s questions then the website author can ask those questions. With that, you can give any advice to the article publisher. So contact pages play a very important role in the case of websites. Contact pages also play an important role in Google rankings. No website can be included in the ranking on Google without a contact page.

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Impact on Google ranking

The role of contact pages is incomparable in the case of Google. Because when a website is created and the URL of that website is crawled by Google Bots, Google Bots first gives importance to the top four pages. These are Number One Contact Page, Number Two About Us, Number 3 Privacy Policy Page, Number 4 Homepage. If none of these four pages exist or it is not created as planned or it is not created according to Google’s rules. Then Google Boots blacklists the website. It never comes up on the Google front page. So you must create the top of the contact page carefully and very seriously.

How to Create it

Now the question is how to make it according to the rules of Google. There is nothing to fear. It is very easy and you have to create this page like other pages. You must add your email ID, website link, Instagram, Facebook link, Twitter link, and other social media links to this page. So that any user can share any of their problems with you.

Remember that the social media links you provide must be valid. Otherwise, these links will be considered invalid. Because Google Bots works at a very advanced level. So you have to complete this task with great skill. You must also add a message form to the contact page. So that users can share their suggestions with you. If you want, you can add different types of images to the contact page. So that the page looks beautiful and you can use a variety of color combinations.


According to Google’s rules, every website must have a contact page. Because contact page is a medium. By which both the user and the author will have communication and the user will be able to share their problems with you. Users will be able to share any suggestions with them. Also if there is any objection on any article of the user. Then you can communicate through the contact page. That’s why Google Boots has given so much importance to contact pages. Publish the contact page on the website very seriously and make sure that it is done according to the Google rules. And bring it to your website on Google’s front page.

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