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What is Wordtracker ?

Keyword Research

Wordtracker is a key to the article. Without it, an article can never be ranked in the Google search engine. That is why it is called the key to the article. Because when the user first searches on Google, Google brings the article that is 100% similar to the keyword arrow in front of the user. Secondly, if you can’t find an article that matches 100% with that keyword, then its phrase match brings the article to the user’s attention. Google also contains a wealth of information and websites. Of these, Google sees the top 10 results on its first page. Because Google wants to give the most appropriate and accurate answer to its users.

So Google serializes the millions of data in it according to their performance and information and quality. Numbering is done as well. Put the best results in front and then bring the website of the next serial on the next page. So when you publish a good article on your website, Google is able to bring it to its front page. At the same time, there should be less competition for your keywords. We have to try not to let the competition go above 20. Then it is easy to rank the article on the first page of Google. If your website ranks in Google, you will have to spend a lot of time on keyword research.

Hello guys! Welcome back to my new article Wordtracker. Today I will discuss the Importance of Keyword Research. How to Keyword research with the free resources. So guys this Saddam Hossain and I’m Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and a Trainer. If you want to learn Pro Blogging then subscribe to my website for further notification. Because always I published this kind of article.

How to Get Free Keyword Research Tool

When searching Google will get many free Wordtracker tools, but most of its shots do not come to our work. Because they always show old data shots or their websites are closing a lot. Which is proven for a new blogger and hopelessness. Because you do not have the right information, then what is right and is not correct. So I’ve found some such websites for you that work as a premium website and provides 90% correct information that is enough for a new blogger. The first discussed Ahref keyword generator. You can easily research keywords through this. With that information given is 90% accurate. Through this, you can research keywords.

Keywords are given with a generator. Secondly, Ubbersuggest. Through this, you have to compare a premium website. Because of this, you will get all the information. Such as keyword deficiency, backlinks, no website ranks on top. How many backlinks should be created for keywords etc? But there is something that can not research more than three keywords in one day. The third is the Google Keyword Planner. I will discuss the details of another article on how to research keywords through Google Keyword Plan.


You have to write articles without doing keyword research so you need to a Wordtracker. Because if you write articles without keyword research, you will never be able to rank your article in Google. If the keyword on which you are writing the article is already written on top of the keyword, then you need to make your article more informative than your competitor. Need to create more backlinks. More and more images need to be added. If necessary, you have to give the video, then Google will be able to rank your article. So of course you need to do good keyword research so that your article can easily rank on the top page of Google.

Wordtracker is a key to content. Come on, this article of mine has made you happy. My only purpose is to help you with the right information. Before doing anything, you have to learn about it. At the same time, students are very good if they learn from a good teacher. That’s what my teacher used to tell me. So learn the right time, learn better, and succeed in the job. If you like my article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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